Here you will find the answers to all F.A.Q.


    • What is Azinomoney affiliate program?

      Affiliate Program is basically the way of cooperation between an advertiser (AzinoGroup company) and owners of web resources, who are advertisement tools on the Internet.

    • How to promote casino websites?

      In order to promote casino websites, you can apply any method you prefer: use text links, ads banners, articles on websites and blogs, postings and reviews on forums, the choice is huge and everything is fair in advertisement.

    • How much can I earn in your program?

      The largest amount payed by AzinoMoney was 1272000 RUB but our top affiliates receive on average around 500,000 RUB per month. The main feature is that everything depends only on you: the amount of traffic you will be able to attract to your website, whether it will consist of financially reliable clients, etc.

    • Can I trust you?

      Yes, you can. You should realize that the most important for casino is the constant flow-in of the new clients which can be provided only by your traffic. Our program is aimed at sustained and preferably ongoing cooperation. And this is a perfect basis for any partnership.

    • What is required to become one of the top web developer?

      There is no unique answer, but the key to it, as well as to any other business, is a serious and responsible approach with the high portion of creativity. The solvency of the clients whom you attract to the website plays a crucial role in the whole affair. Basically, the knowledge of the target audience decides everything. Our target audience is grown-up financially reliable people. Your success depends on how lucidly you will be able explain them all the advantages of the games in our casinos. It is important to keep in mind that the players are not all men; women make a considerable percentage (according to unofficial data around 49%).

    • Do you have any customer support?

      Yes, we do. You can contact our managers around the clock via e-mail, ICQ or Skype. All the contacts of our customer support can be found on the home page.


    • How can I withdraw money?

      Proceed to the section “Payments”, chose the way of payment, file the payment request by clicking “Order payment” button. The funds are to be paid at the beginning of each month.

    • How can I withdraw the funds from the program?

      You can receive the money with the help of the following systems: Web Money (WMZ), Visa, Qiwi.Money, Master Сard, Payeer.

    • Is there any fee to register for the affiliate program?

      No, there is none. All the expenses associated with the account opening and maintaining will be covered by AzinoMoney.

    • What do I get money for?

      As our partner, you can earn money by attracting new players to the brand website. Earnings depend on the interest rate, which may vary depending on the fulfillment of tariff conditions. You can learn more about conditions in the "Plans" section.

    • What benefits do the top web developers get?

      The top web developers have higher income percentage, ability to withdraw money from their account at any time, on the top of that they get individual bonuses and promotions.


    • How to start?

      In fact, it’s very easy to do it:1. Register (enter your e-mail and set up a password). 2. Create a promo-link. Go to section “Promo” and chose a project, landing and promo-material which you want to use. 3. Copy and post the generated link on your web resource. It will inform us that the traffic comes from you. According to this traffic your income will be accrued.

    • Where can I see how much I earned?

      You can see your income in the section “Statistics”. There is a table that shows the number of people who looked through the promo-material and the number of people who followed your links. The last three columns show the amount of deposits per day, amount of payment (how much was lost) and your income.

    • Postback

      Postback is a tool to transfer conversion data from the affiliate program to the tracking solution.

      Postback can be configured on the last step of any promo creation. Also, you can edit it in the promo settings in the Archive subsection.

      Postback can be configured for the following events:

      - Registration
      - Deposit
      - Payout
      - Profit

      Each event has a separate URL with the private parameters to get the Postback.

      The value of the subid should contain the name of the parameter whose values you want to track in the affiliate program statistics.

      This parameter is added to the promotional link, and according to its values, you can filter the data in the statistics section with the subid filter.

      The subid parameter in the postback settings is optional. It is only filled if you want to split your traffic according to certain criteria to the affiliate program side and thus control it.

      Postback example with specified subid:
      - Subid Name: publisher_id
      - Postback URL for registration:{click_id}&publisher_id={publisher_id}
      - Promo link:
      - Postback:

      If you need something other than subid, you can add it to the promo link. All these parameters are relayed to Postback. Maximum length of all the parameters of the promo link is 255 characters.

      Also, the Postback support additional parameters for each event:

      Registration options:
      - customerId - player ID
      - tariff - the name of the tariff assigned to the player
      - percent - the percentage assigned to the player
      - country - player's country

      Deposit parameters:
      - customerId - player ID
      - paymentAmount - deposit amount
      - paymentCurrency - deposit currency
      - paymentId - deposit ID

      Payout options:
      - customerId - player ID
      - payoutAmount - payout amount
      - payoutCurrency - payout currency
      - payoutId - payout ID

      Profit parameters:
      - profit - total last day revenue, connected to the promo link

      Brief info for the Deposit event:

      - URL Postback for Deposit:{subid}&amount={paymentAmount}&currency={paymentCurrency}
      - Promo link:
      - Postback: